07 July 2012



No religion, no creed, no dogma in this world, or any other, speaks for that which is god.
They are all like blind men arguing over their limited perceptions of the elephant.
The dream is ever a mystery; none have ever owned it, and none ever will.

* * * *
The human paradigm is nothing more than a game of pretend,
A brief, mortal epic of seed lines strung like pearls
Through a theater of consciousness.
And you, solitary witness
To every possibility under the sun.

* * * *
The endless permutations of nature-nurture,
Of culture, of creed, of politics, of economics, of anything,
Are without conclusion, yet ever born, ever sculpted,
Of the same imaginary distillation of mind.

* * * *
You are neither the world nor the universe.
You are the indivisible that is witness prior to all creation.
You are the infinite awareness, the singularity
Of all that is, and all that is not.

* * * *
Immortality is not found in the body,
Nor in the time-bound legacies of history books.
It is ever in the seamless awareness of the indivisible moment.
It is the eternal you that peers out through the senses
Into the dreaming they and mind create.

* * * *
Every instant is an orchestrated streaming
Of creation, preservation, destruction,
The trilogy of dreamtime’s ever-present dynamic.
Name it whatever you will, the source of this boundless mystery
Is equally the same for the smallest as it is the greatest.

* * * *
To learn from history is one thing, to allow the past to dominate the present, another.
Every generation must play the hand they are dealt in the time they are allotted.
Your ancestors had their time, you have yours, your progeny will have theirs.
The traditions, the patterns, that worked at one point may not in another.
To grapple with the present with a mind that is present is the highest order.