17 July 2012



We are all awash in the immeasurable singularity of an imaginary matrix.
Nothing is separate, nothing greater or lesser, nothing mortal.
We are all birthed of the same inexplicable essence,
A kaleidoscoping dream of consciousness
To which each alone is witness.

* * * *
This is what it is really all about.
It is all you.
There is nothing more, nothing less.
There is no greater state than the timeless simplicity of awareness,
The reality through which all dreams play out
In any given dimension.

* * * *
This brief little dream is just a speck
Of the totality which reigns all dreams, all forms.
It is merely a rippling of a distraction from your eternal nature,
The truth of which you are always, whatever the form.

* * * *
You are older than the stars, younger than the moment.

* * * *
All dogmatic belief systems are founded
Upon the assumptions of one delusion or another.
It is ever the tale of the blind men arguing
Over parts of the same elephant.

* * * *
You could be right, you could be wrong.
And why would it ever really matter?

* * * *
No one really knows anything about who,
What, where, when, why or how they are here.
Why pretend to?  Why manufacture any belief system,
When vulnerable, agnostic wonder is the most honest stance.

* * * *
The manifest theater is based on constant change,
Constant movement, constant consumption, constant evolution.
Only the ever-present indivisibility of the quantum essence remains the same.