11 July 2012



You can only see
What you are capable of seeing.
You can only hear what you are capable of hearing.
You can only taste, smell and feel what you are capable of tasting, smelling, and feeling.
And in reality, you are truly seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling
Your Self cloaked in every form, every disguise imaginable.

* * * *
History is about individuals and all their groupings,
The synergies of every blend of cooperation and competition,
All played out on an eternal stage indifferent to existence or extinction.

* * * *
It is really all about patterns within patterns within patterns.
Infinitesimal, miniscule, tiny, small, medium, large,
Huge, immense, practically infinite patterns.
Patterns of all the swirling elements,
Of earth, air, water and fire,
All grandly, indivisibly woven together
Within the infinite quantum-ether-hologram-matrix.
Everything dancing its rendering of Self away,
From every little way unto the greatest.

* * * *
The quantum is the building block of the mind.
It is the nuclear cornerstone, the infinite creator
Of the timeless, sovereign, immortal indivisibility.

* * * *
We each play out our little role
In the unfolding dreamtime of future past.
After the ending, it will be as it was before the beginning,
But for the unfolding now, it seems real enough to do whatever calls us,
In that which is, in the largest sense, the song of god.

* * * *
What is existence but an entirely imagined script,
A genetic lottery in which no one has ever had any choice, any voice
In the body they are given … in their family, ethnicity, gender, constitution, mental acuity,
Geography, culture, caste, creed, socio-economic level, language, education,
And the capacities and limitations all variables together play out.
To assert any have even a mere sliver of free will
Is in itself a very dubious claim.