15 July 2012



There will be no messiah, there will be no savior, there will be no redeemer.
There is only we and our endless loop of limited, prideful thinking
In a spinning garden world that has only so much to give.

* * * *
Truth is truth is truth is truth,
Unbound by any fabrication of consciousness.
Awareness is, indeed, witness to the mysterious majesty of all creation
But nothing that is conceived can ever be proclaimed
As the truth only truth can be.

* * * *
Humanity didn’t get kicked out of Eden.
It just got so hornswoggled by its own imagination
That most just stopped seeing it was everywhere and everything.
And anyone who doesn’t play along with the collusion
Is considered a child, senile, or insane.

* * * *
How truly, curiously amazing
That we have so thoroughly manipulated
And destroyed the irreplaceable endowment of Eden.
To trade such a magnificent, wondrous garden
For a pile of gold, for a play of vanity,
Is, indeed, dumbfounding.

* * * *
Pride is the only real enemy.

* * * *
Forget your body, forget your life,
Your geography, your culture, your religion,
Your politics, your education, your friends, your family.
Forget absolutely everything, everyone.
Breathe in, breathe out,
The awareness before time.

* * * *
I am the Truth, the Life, and the Way,
And so are you,
And so is everyone and everything else,
And so is each and every part and particle of dust to the farthest shore,
And the infinity beyond all pales.