11 July 2012



It is from the grass roots,
From those who recognize the only truth,
From those who see the oneness of all things great and small,
From those who distinguish the harmonic singularity stretching across all eternity,
The grand source that is prior to all dogmas, all creeds, all religions,
The many beliefs that are idolatrous and self-serving,
It is from that utterly effortless ground
That true religion flowers.

* * * *
There is no deeper, there is no greater,
There is nothing but the ever-streaming awareness
That has played out every fleeting moment that has ever passed
Within and without the only observer, the only witness there has ever been.

* * * *
All that wealth, all that power, all that fame, all those myriad things,
What good will they be when your sack of weary flesh
Succumbs to its last wheezing breath?

* * * *
We may baptize the source however we please,
Envisage it any way we are inclined.
The only genuine curiosity
Is our believing it really matters enough
To squander the rest of history battling over the vanity of it all.

* * * *
Abandon ye all futures, all pasts, all wants, all dreams, all hopes.
Right here, right now, in the awareness of the ever-flowing present moment,
Is the eternal life you pursue, the only existence you will ever have.
But you must die in the most figurative sense to discern it.

* * * *
You might think thwacking someone over the noggin with reality
Would at some point, somehow, break through the barricaded fortress keep.
But consciousness steeped in conditioning, indoctrination, mind control, brainwashing,
Clings to any given delusion with beyond-the-pale resiliency.
What galvanizes some to wake up, and others
To go to their graves asleep,
Is a query to which
Only speculation has answer.