19 July 2012



The drop is within the ocean, and the ocean within the drop.
The writing is within the writer, and the writer within the writing.
The painting is within the painter, and the painter within the painting.
The sculpture is within the sculptor, and the sculptor within the sculpture.
The garden is within the gardener, and the gardener within the garden.
All creation is within its creator, and the creator within all creation.

* * * *
Nothing can fundamentally change
As long as the one percent and their brethren
Decline to take much greater responsibility on a global level.
A profound awakening to a vision of the true nature
Is the reformation the future requires.
No real paradigm shift
Is remotely possible without it.

* * * *
You can only perceive the source you ever are
By being the very motionless awareness.
Eternal life is right here, right now,
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
Imagine witnessing this garden world
Before our two-legged shadow
Came down from the trees.

* * * *
No sense of identity is needed
For you to be what you truly are,
Have ever been, will ever be.

* * * *
What are all those mammon worshippers
Going to do with those piles and piles of gold
When there is no world left in which to spend it?

* * * *
Trying to meld a nondualistic view of this immeasurable mystery
With the egocentric-ethnocentric-geocentric collusions born of time
Requires way too many rationalizations, compromises, and contortions.
Just because some falsehood bears the authority of tradition means nothing.
Give no weight to what is unnecessary; travel the journey that calls you.