14 July 2012



The world-wide competition for resources of nearly every variety
Has a very obvious conclusion that has been experienced
In smaller scales in many arenas across the planet.
Seven-plus billion overly entitled two-leggeds
Being denied their innumerable excesses
Will definitely not be a pretty sight.
Carry on in whatever way your time allows,
But get down-ready-set for some wide-ranging changes.
Never hurts to hope for the best, but best be prepared for the worst.

* * * *
The dreamy, romantic, clueless, quixotic, idealist might like to assume
The dark age that will be setting its shadow upon this world
Cannot help but recalibrate human consciousness
Into some sort of transcendent paradigm.
But that supposes, of course,
A shift in the genetic make-up, as well.
Which is, indeed, an inspiring leap of imagination.

* * * *
Every civilization leaves behind mounds of residue
Upon which the play of time builds anew.
Dystopian is a tepid word
For what this era
Will be leaving its progeny.

* * * *
No new sandbox, sorry.
We must somehow make do
With the only one we will ever have.

* * * *
Dystopian future?
Perhaps you have not noticed,
But are we not already a ways down the trail?
A rape and pillage paradigm cannot rape and pillage forever.

* * * *
The conundrum with disparaging the path our kind has taken, however,
Is that you would otherwise not exist, experiencing all you have experienced,
Seeing all you have seen, hearing all you have heard, smelling all you have smelt,
Tasting all you have tasted, feeling all you have felt, and thinking all you have thought.
Alas, the dystopian calamity will just have to endure the descent as best the given day allows.