11 July 2012



It may not be politically correct to say it,
But the squarely-faced reality is that every human being
Is a biological organism, as is every other living thing on this spinning orb.
We may function at a more complicated degree of consciousness,
But the fundamental rules of the game are ever the same,
And are applied equally for each and every one,
In every way, every singular moment,
Of every singular existence.

* * * *
The mystery creates all of us equally buck-naked,
Same as every other life form across the entire garden.
It is only our kind who get all embarrassed and vain about it.

* * * *
The senses are the windows to any given universe,
But it is the mind that unlocks the door to eternity.

* * * *
The stroll to the infinity within
Does not require anything special.
Wear anything, or nothing, if you’d prefer.
Sit, lay, stand, walk, or sprint anywhere you please.
Name it whatever comes to mind, if you must.
It is always the same, ever unchanging,
Ever here now to delve or dive into,
The source prior to all dreams.

* * * *
The challenge is to grasp and release
Any given moment at the same moment.
To flow with the ever-streaming eternal reality,
Rather than the erratic stop-and-go
Of the mind chained in time.
Discern the no-mind,
The awareness prior to consciousness,
To clearly perceive the evolving creation with a divine eye.

* * * *
Tag the immeasurable, the indivisible, the unknown, however you will,
It remains forever untouched, untainted, immaculately eternal.
The dream of consciousness is but quantum vibration in the ever-present now,
An imaginary configuration of the human mind snared in the web of its own sensory creation.