19 July 2012



At what point did you begin losing your innocence?
At what point were you drawn out into the manifest world,
Into believing it real, into believing you were the cloak of identity
You have so diligently, and with such utter conviction, worn ever since?
The other has shaped you into believing you are an identity,
But it is only your collusion which makes it so.
The key to real freedom
Is discern the indivisible source,
And then surrender to that awareness,
The timeless witness prior to consciousness.

* * * *
Dreamtime … dreammind … dreamjourney … dreampath …
Dreampast … dreamfuture … dreamnow … dreamfate …

* * * *
The human epoch is really about pride,
About the emergence from the slimy pool
Into an extemporaneous theater
Forged in dualistic notion.

* * * *
Life is a maze we all wander alone
In the given body’s sensory matrix.

* * * *
You are not what you know.
You are not what you do.
You never have been.
You are only what you are,
Have ever been, and will ever be.

* * * *
Imagination, in its capacity
To explore to the farthest reaches,
Itself becomes the creator of all limitation.

* * * *
Are we any more than recordings
Playing our minds over and over and over again?
Try saying or doing something really outside your box, if you can.
No matter how great or small, profound or foolish,
Every frame of reference has a frame.