12 July 2012



Karmas, heavens and hells, are imaginary notions
For those who believe they should feel fear, guilt, or shame
For being born into an existence in which they had absolutely no choice.

* * * *
Learn from your everyday world; learn from your everyday universe.
Learn from fear to be fearless; learn from desire to be desireless,
From destruction and death, grasp your timeless immortality.

* * * *
Why would you want anything less than a direct relationship
With that which you are, have ever been, will ever be.
No intermediary can do more than point the way.

* * * *
So, you believe you are this body,
This mortal vat of flesh and bones and goo.
To be clear on this notion, are you the infant body,
The child body, the adolescent body, the young adult body,
The middle-age body, the senior body, or the one
From which you peer this very moment?
And how sure are you, really,
Of that fleeting, transitory novelty?

* * * *
You are this passing moment,
And it is here and gone before you even know it.
It’s that simple.
There is nothing more.

* * * *
Everything before now, everything after now,
Is the ever-transitory movement of imagination.
The ground of awareness is very still, ever watchful,
The eternal witness watching itself dream.

* * * *
It the divide within which you must make whole.
It is the war within with which you must make peace.
Awareness is seamless; without rends, without adversaries.
It withstands the onslaughts of the mind in time without effort.
Bound by no dream, it is indifferent to life, it is indifferent to its end.
It is you in the truest sense, permeating all that is, all that is not.