10 July 2012



That source, that origin, that fount, that nucleus, which is called by many names,
Is prior to any sensory theater, prior to all forms great and small,
Prior to any whimsical certitudes of imagination,
Prior to any notion of this or that,
Prior to all dualities,
Prior to every definition
Inspired by the myriad other.

* * * *
This ephemeral awareness belongs to no one.
It is the ether that permeates all things, transcends all things.
There are no individuals but in the imaginary reveries
Of the ever-changing theater of consciousness.
Prior to consciousness, there is only you,
In the greatest, most profound sense.

* * * *
There are no religious wars, only dogmatic ones.
There is only one source, and it cannot be bound
By the confining definitions of human limitation.

* * * *
You are it, it is you, there is no other.
No need to pray or weep for forgiveness,
Or worship some symbol, carving, or concept.

* * * *
What is it like to live one’s life
Unburdened by the worries of the world?
Simply look out into the garden in which children play.

* * * *
Those who can still their minds in detachment
Are far more powerful than those who so many consider great.
For they do not fear death, they do not fear oblivion.
They are one with the source of all things.

* * * *
So many assertions, so many delusions, so many distractions, so many deceptions.
The spiritual quest is not about power, fame, fortune, or any vanity.
It is not about scriptures, edifices, or empires.
It is all about you,
The real and true and only you.