25 July 2012



Every life is a one-time affair,
A kaleidoscoping outcome of the given seed.
And each and every seed is a blueprint, a pattern, a potential,
Which is ever filled with the same quantum source, the same dynamic essence
From which the unfolding creation has ever been fashioned,
But none ever formed the same way again.

* * * *
This eternal moment, this stillness of awareness, is all there is,
No matter the form, no matter the time, no matter the context.

* * * *
What you really are has absolutely nothing to do
With any memory, any thought, any idea, any concept,
Any movement of imaginary notion, whatsoever.

* * * *
The grand theater, and everything in it,
Is the dream of the mind-body.
You are the awareness,
The witness,
Which discerns all,
But is none of it all the while.

* * * *
You are not the body, the body is not you.
You are the eye out through which eternity peers.

* * * *
Atoms, molecules, particles, quanta,
All just names for that which can never be seen,
But are nonetheless the building blocks, the underpinnings,
The bedrock upon which all creation is founded,
The infinite nothingness
Upon which the manifest is spun,
The stage upon which you witness your Self
Playing every form across the dream of time and space.

* * * *

We are all that which is God,
Merely moving about in different guises,
Tagged by different names, speaking different tongues,
Playing out different realities, on different stages of the same mystery.