20 July 2012



This insight into the singularity cannot be forced; you either discern it or you do not.
So there is absolutely no point in creating any dogmatic belief system
Except to continue playing out the meaningless theater
To which all middlemen and followers defer.

* * * *
The body-mind is a product of time; it is not you.
It may feel great pleasure or pain, but it is not you.
The body is but a mortal container; you are immortal.
It is only the many delusions of consciousness
Which veil the truth of you from you.

* * * *
Dogmas are generally more about
What you are not supposed say, think, or do,
Truth includes absolutely everything
Ever said, thought, or done.

* * * *
Why venerate anything imagined?
Why not just be in the here and now,
Free of all imaginary constraints?

* * * *
How can anyone settle for a lie
When the truth is plain as day?

* * * *
If god is as petty and ruthless
As some make him-her-it out to be,
Then what, pray tell, could be the point?

* * * *
Every moment is in itself absolutely effortless.
It is consciousness that manufactures all struggle.

* * * *
One wonders if Jesus
Could ever have been the Jesus
So many engineer to their own vain rationale.
Is there any believer who does not have an agenda set in stone
For his oft-predicted, more than mythical return?
Is it any wonder he’s still a no-show?