08 August 2012



Envision this vast cosmos an immeasurable aquarium,
And all we organisms from great to small wandering about,
Breathing in and breathing out, consuming and being consumed.
Earth, air, water, fire – indivisibly intertwined throughout the heavens,
Creating-preserving-destroying, through all beginnings, through all endings.
A god-eat-god creation which all are equally witnessing in every way imaginable.

* * * *
All that striving, all those memories, all those thoughts,
All those relationships born of the mystery’s quantum mirage,
You are not any of them, and never have been, really.
You are the clear space, the heart of awareness,
Absolute and sovereign beyond compare.

* * * *
You are not,
Have never been,
Will never be,
An idea.

* * * *
What is, is far greater
Than any veil of imagination
Can ever more than begin to grasp.

* * * *
Some want to spend their lives
Preoccupied with loving or hating others.
What difference, really, in the ultimate dream of it all?
Perhaps that which is the quantum source, both angel and demon,
Merely seeks to play out every possible experience
The menu of consciousness offers.
Who knows, really?
Any of us can only extrapolate
The given dream to one speculation or another.

* * * *
You are solitary witness
To the boundless source and all its play.
What else can there be but this fundamental you, really?
Everything is naught but a kaleidoscoping fabrication of quantum design,
Inexplicably concocted by the unmanifest to experience
A manifest fling of the galactic dice.