24 August 2012



The daily challenge is just being in the ever-kaleidoscoping moment,
Experiencing, observing, processing the timeless immediacy
Of whatever is streaming by, both within and without,
As clearly, as exactly, as acutely as possible.
Eternal life is not for the inattentive.

* * * *
Why is it so many insist
On such a limited, confined, narrow, vain,
Perception of a divinity that often does not even include them,
And may be more than a little happy to fling them
Onto the rocks or to the wolves?
Very curious, indeed.

* * * *
How bound humankind is
By the deep dread of death and oblivion.
The movement of consciousness whirls every direction
To avoid discerning the primal essence
That is the source of all.

* * * *
We are all but reflections in each other’s universes.
Each a sovereign witness, ultimately very much alone.

* * * *
Another day of pretending, colluding, feigning,
This touchy-feely three-dimensional dreamtime real.
Another day of suiting up in the sensory cloak of illusion.

* * * *
All you think has happened never really happened.
Dreams are only dreams no matter how real they seem.
What you truly are is nothing mind can ever begin to know.

* * * *
When the engines of industry cease to run,
When the Cloud of technology inevitably evaporates,
When resources can no longer sustain the privilege they have fostered,
Those that are prepared for the worst are more likely to survive.
Hoping for the best only takes any historical epoch so far,
And at some point Old School will ascend again.
Not a question of if, but how and when.