28 August 2012



Human beings quarrel over this and that, and that and this,
As if anything anyone declares or does really matters
Any more than whether a river trickles or roars.
The vast mystery is what it is, has ever been, will every be,
And nothing can ever add or detract from its ultimate indivisible nature.
The only thing that is perhaps even the least bit relevant
Is our relationship with the countless things
Its infinity has made manifest,
Including ourselves.

* * * *
What are the imaginary dualities to you
Who are the fundamental awareness in all things.
You who are serene witness to all creation.
Known or unknown, done or undone,
Oblivion is your singular nature.

* * * *
Your inquiry into the ultimate vision
Creates ripples in which others
Are called to do the same.

* * * *
Who is the you who is born?
Who is the you who lives?
Who is the you who dies?

* * * *
For all its agony and ecstasy,
Existence is really come and gone
In the merest blink of any given universe.

* * * *
The true believer is hooked, lined, and sinkered.
The atheist is just as sure of his indefensible beliefs.
The agnostic wanders about quietly, freely, in all camps.

* * * *
Profound advice and counsel is really only of use
To those relative few who possess the ears to hear and eyes to see.
And if not, what is the point and purpose of huffing and puffing, howling and growling?
All anyone can really do is toss a few seeds onto what ground there is,
And allow the deaf and blind to harvest their own way.