09 August 2012



Ditch the superstition.
It has always been utter nonsense,
Garbage, baloney, gobbledygook, noise, bunkum,
Absurdity, rubbish, twaddle, claptrap, poppycock, balderdash, tripe,
Malarkey, babble, gibberish, drivel, doublespeak,
Bunk, hogwash, rubbish, hot air.
So to speak.

* * * *
Everything is a story.
There are no greater or lesser stories.
All are imagined in the movement of consciousness in time.
None abide in the eternal now.

* * * *
The real mystery
Is how so many tolerate
What took place tens, hundreds,
And so often even thousands of years ago,
To regulate their existence today.
What would you be doing
If it was just you,
All alone?

* * * *
To understand death,
One must understand that living
Is in the greatest actuality
Very much the same.

* * * *
You have always been as close
To that which is god as any can be.
You just need to pay very close attention
To fathom fully that which has always been you.

* * * *
Do you truly know that for your Self,
Or is it just mindless repetition of balderdash?
Never be unduly swayed by another’s limited thinking.
Examine everything through the filter of your own discernment,
And then beyond that if it is within your capacity.
Superstition and dogma, don’t do it.