09 August 2012



The passionate mind must be at rest
To discern the vastness within and without.
There are many techniques, many means, many ways,
To approach realizing this attentive, vulnerable state of awareness,
But the upshot, the bottom line, the bare essential, the brass tack, the nut and bolt,
The down-and-dirty-nitty-gritty-crux-of-the-matter, the sine qua non,
Is that the mind stills until only the witness remains.

* * * *
It is only in through the incessant movement of consciousness
That you separate yourself from the infinite source
Which is called by so many sounds.
Awareness is the same Soul
For all creation from great to small.

* * * *
Once the genie is out of the bottle,
Once Pandora’s box is open, once the fruit is consumed,
What can be done by any but stoically endure
Whatever the winds of time blow?

* * * *
What sights would there be if there were no eyes?
What smells would there be if there were no nose?
What sounds would there be if there were no ears?
What tastes would there be if there were no tongue?
What sensations would there be if there were no skin?
And how many other perceptions might there be
Had we crawled out of a different puddle?

* * * *
Abiding in thought, in the metaphors of persona,
In the imaginary pretense of little self, is a form of death.
To die to all the fabricated concepts, all the notions of this or that,
To live attentive to the very present, timeless awareness,
Is to immerse in the eternal life you truly are.

* * * *
You must ultimately discern that which is unconditional entirely alone.
There are as many ways to get there as there are minds pursuing it,
But it is you who must quest in solitude across the panorama,
Until the truth of it, within and without, becomes apparent.
Success is not guaranteed, and the brass ring easily misplaced.