08 August 2012



Humankind has expended a great portion of its recent so-called civilized history
Battling over the electromagnetic spectrum: wavelengths, frequencies, vibrations, light, sound.
Continuously struggling, quarreling, destroying -- over what is but a mere sliver of the indivisible mystery
That our sensory dwellings are capable of perceiving in the patterning of all things manifest.
How baffling that we have not fathomed a greater vision of our place in it all.

* * * *
Nature is what works,
And what does not evaporates into oblivion.
Good and evil are nothing more than constructs of human consciousness.
There was never any such thing in this whirling garden world
Prior to the emergence of dualistic notion.

* * * *
There is no such thing as time; birth, life, death are but a dream.
There is only awareness, the you that has ever yet never been.

* * * *
For the earnest explorer of consciousness,
What bounds can there possibly be?

* * * *
Here now is the only religion.
We are all transience and immortality
Intertwined in consciousness.

* * * *
Esoteric as it may seem to most,
Scrupulous examination by anyone
Will discriminate the same truth.

* * * *
Propaganda is the bedrock of any given meme.
Those who follow choose one camp or another.
Few stand back and discern the relativity of all.

* * * *
No need to make pretentious folderol about it.
The challenge is merely to comprehend
That it is everyone and everything, including you,
And then decide how to play out the given sliver of free will
For whatever dreamtime remains in this inexplicable mortal sojourn.
Death is merely evaporating back into the nothingness that nothingness ever is.