14 August 2012



We may all be one at the indivisible quantum level,
But we are all still bound by the limitations of the mortal dream;
Confined in a container whose primary directive is to play the monkey-mind.
Some may completely give themselves over to perpetual agape,
But for most it is ever a moment-to-moment challenge
To resist all the passions mortal fare offers.

* * * *
We are certainly intoxicated by all our noise and busy-busy,
But zip up a few hundred meters and stillness reigns.
The unknown is not bound by blah-blah or bling.
The mystery will spin on with or without us.

* * * *
The universe is a touchy-feely mirage
Inspired by the senses, wielded by imagination.
A momentary three-dimensional play,
Nothing more, nothing less.

* * * *
In a still mind, the end of time.

* * * *
Eternity is awareness now.
Time is the wake of memory.
The future is all possible paths.
Free will looking forward,
Fate looking back.

* * * *
Only you know your own narrative,
And even that is but a vague perception
Of what may have really happened.

* * * *
Everything you have ever experienced
– People, places, things, and the myriad other –
Are all tributaries to the river down which you stream.

* * * *
Impromptu theater … nothing more … nothing less … nothing but.
The unknown playing its mystery out in any and every way
The dreamtime of imagination sets into motion.