09 August 2012



Realize it or not, you are a particle of the grand mystery,
Of that indivisible essence which many call god.
Perhaps acting out some demon role,
But a shard, nonetheless.
You have only to look within
To discern the infinite awareness
Prior to the dreaming of time and space,
From which all have only in imagination splintered.

* * * *
I am the truth, the life and the way, and so are you.
And it is only through the me that is in you
That you can discern what is true.

* * * *
Every group, large or small,
Harbors in its own unique mythology.
All myths, all legends, all allegories, all narratives,
All parables, all fables, all tales, all sagas,
All stories, all yarns, all epics,
Are equally imagined.

* * * *
Sometimes you create.
Sometimes you preserve.
Sometimes you destroy.
Such is the dream of it.

* * * *
And now, you’re here …
And now, you’re here …
And now, you’re here …
And now …

* * * *
Avoid extremes.
Find the middle ground,
The one-for-all-all-for-one of it all.

* * * *
How bound up we are by all our mythologies.
To discern they are but veneer over the same source
Is a challenge relatively few seem inclined to comprehend.