09 August 2012



Why worship, why adulate, why venerate, why elevate, why praise, why flatter, why glorify,
Why revere, why adore, why honor, why exalt, why idolize, why deify,
That which you are, have ever been, will ever be?
Surely just being it is enough.

* * * *
Looking back to the first rays of conscious memory,
Is it not apparent you were absoluteness from the very beginning?
But because you were immersed in a morass of delusion,
You fell into the snare, as the young ever do.
Illusion sweeps all into its net,
And only the rare few
Free themselves,
And return to the open sea.

* * * *
Anything can be hijacked.
Anything can be twisted.
Anything can be altered
Anything can be usurped.
Anything can be manipulated.
‘Tis the nature of the beast within.

* * * *
This moment will have to be enough,
Because it is all you have got,
And there is no way
It is ever going to be any more,
No matter how thick the layer of delusion.

* * * *
Just because the genetic lottery cast you
Into a particular geography,
Culture, race, creed, politic, et cetera,
Does not mean you must forever abide the inanity,
The parochial limitations, any given mindset inevitably inspires.

* * * *
Existence is a countdown until your inexorable return to oblivion,
Until the complete and utter annihilation of your universe.
Death is just tapping the Ruby slippers and going back to Kansas,
Charon transporting you across the River Styx to the nothingness of Hades.
However said, the void is from whence you came, that to which you inevitably return.