19 September 2012



What will it be like to never have to bother
About this human or any other mortal condition ever again?
No meaning, no purpose, no desire, no fear, no pain, no suffering, no ego, no vanity.
No physical, no mental, no emotional concerns one way or another.
Nirvana, serenity, bliss, call it what you will,
Just die to it all now.

* * * *
Long before it was ever said and done, you were on your own.
After it is said and done, you will be on your own.
And while it is being said and done,
You are on your own.

* * * *
Everything manifest,
And the time through which it wafts,
Is the complete and utter construction of imagination.
For in the nowness, there is only eternity,
And the witness abiding all.

* * * *
Any given scientist in any given field
Can only offer as objective an observation
As the relativity of subjectivity allows.

* * * *
Mother Nature will teach you
Everything you need to know,
If you can survive the lesson.

* * * *
What is real?  And what is not real?
And how real can real ever really be?

* * * *
What are the so-called chakras but nerve centers,
Hubs to vast universes born of sensory fabrication.

* * * *
Being untrue or unkind with your words,
Taking anything personally, making assumptions, not doing your best,
Not questioning all things profoundly, not listening,
What good ever comes of it?