29 September 2012



The journey of awakening to the indivisible seems an individual struggle,
An awareness of the vast totality to which the human species
May or may not be capable of collectively partaking
Before the temporal dream of consciousness
Reaches its inevitable conclusion.
Oh well and so it goes.
Never really mattered anyway.

* * * *
As many grooves, deep or shallow,
That one may have etched upon life’s soundtrack,
It is still nothing more than a brief collection of vague memories.
That is truly all it is, has ever been, will ever be.
In the dreamtime of any given universe.
Wishing vanity to count for more
Will never ever make it so.

* * * *
If anything is sacred, everything is sacred.
If everything is sacred, nothing is sacred.

* * * *
Anything can be usurped.
Anything can be distorted.
Anything can be rationalized.
Anything can be obliterated.

* * * *
It has ever been the same.
Only the universe changes.

* * * *
You must step back
Very far, very deep within,
To discern the reality you truly are.

* * * *
What is human history but a ceaseless struggle
Over whose imagination should reign.
Who was the first to come up with the fanciful notion
That we vain two-leggeds might someday, somehow, all come together
Into one big happily-dancing-Age-of-Aquarius family?
Out-and-out balderdash, to be sure.