29 September 2012



Both believer and atheist
Pretend to know there is or is not a god.
But that you are is really the only fact worth considering,
And of the source of this infinite mystery, no one can really know anything.
Of the ultimate truth, the most earnest remain agnostic.

* * * *
There is likely a fair-to-middling amount of history remaining
For humankind to play out its ceaseless passions
And, alas, there’s not much money
On it being very pretty.

* * * *
Ignorance has always worshipped one rock or another.
Intelligent design is a far more infinite source
Than any dogma will ever ascertain.

* * * *
So many as affluent as anyone can possibly be,
And still they want more, more, more.
How do you run that hard
On empty?

* * * *
Time being what it is, and what it is not,
How could it be, really, that any deity
Was any younger or older than you?

* * * *
Who is the who, who does anything?
Question the doership, question the who.

* * * *
Surely, that which is godness, that which is truth,
Is far, far greater than any vanity would ever allow.

* * * *
My story, your story, his story, her story, our story, the story.
All simultaneous; all absolutely, indivisibly, eternally imagined.

* * * *
Good and evil are dualistic, arbitrary notions created by consciousness.
They are nothing more than echoes across the expanses of the singularity.