15 September 2012



Put behind you all the teachers and teachings in which time has played,
And discern the fundamental reality they reveal within you.
They are but ambiguous, imaginary ghosts;
You are the oneness abiding dreamtime’s here now.

* * * *
Take care, else you will find the Armageddon you seek.

* * * *
Truth is a state, a quality of beingness,
The momentary, timeless, ephemeral awareness,
Not a vain assertion of consciousness.

* * * *
No point in not trying.
Worst case, all you can do is fail,
Be seriously injured, perhaps crippled for life,
Or die a painful, meaningless death.

* * * *
For the want of any proof,
Any verification, any evidence,
Any rational, scientific corroboration,
Hope, faith, belief, mythology, superstition,
And every other form of conviction,
Are sustained across the board.

* * * *
What suffering to be attached to a dream,
No matter how real, how tangible it seems.

* * * *
It is ever and always the same awareness within.
Only the play of imagination cloaks it otherwise.

* * * *
For those earnestly subscribing to the scientific model,
Every thing, every moment, is an on-going experiment.

* * * *
He with the most toys wins what, actually?
Who owns anything really but a swirl of quantum dust
Briefly patterned, briefly molded, into one temporal form or another.