15 September 2012



When oil runs out, and trucks no longer roll;
When ozone dissipates, and radiation pours through;
When oceans are depleted of life, and only watery desert remains;
When chemistry has unleashed every fury, and no longer holds nature at bay;
When ice has melted, and millions must move where there is no room;
When humankind reaches its zenith, and into collapse spirals;
What will we two-leggeds do, but fall to our knees,
And perhaps, only perhaps, rise again.

* * * *
We must all play out the consequences of the given dreamtime.
Heaven or hell, same moment, just different qualities of mind.

* * * *
Put aside the filter within your cluttered mind,
Discern directly whatever is before you.
It is your narrative of the world,
Your story of the universe.
Witness it as clearly and simply
As the given conditioned mind allows.

* * * *
I see your face, and you see mine.
Why is it we cannot see our own?

* * * *
You are the sky, not the weather;
The awareness, not the elements.
All is just distraction from what is.

* * * *
Chew your liquids, drink your solids.
Create the sensory playhouse ever anew.

* * * *
Reshuffling the deck is not changing the game.

* * * *
Sooner or later, our little creation will crash and burn.
So it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.
Just be ready to roll with the punches
When Mother Gaia lays down the only and only law,
And proves beyond any doubt who has always really been in charge.