05 September 2012



The senses pull you out into the world,
Into an inexplicable, seemingly inexhaustible universe.
You journey this way and that, entranced with all there is to know and do,
But the ultimate journey is into the source of all journeys,
Into the totality of the indivisibility within.

* * * *
In the ether of the quantum matrix, the four elements
Stream all about the awareness you truly are.
They cannot bind nor compel but through attachment
To the ephemeral, vaporous, mesmerizing reverie they inspire.

* * * *
So many games, so many intrigues,
So many vanities, so many twists and turns.
A journey through a winding maze,
All to simply discern
What you were from the get-go.

* * * *
Your universe is you.
What point judging
What you have created
And every moment sustain?

* * * *
All differences are imagined.
Prior to consciousness,
It is all you,
Eternally alone,
Free of all mortal constraints.

* * * *
Deeper and deeper, ever deeper
Into the indivisible abyss of the primal source.
There can be no end to that to which there was never a beginning.

* * * *
If it is peace, tranquility, serenity, harmony, equanimity, stillness that you pursue,
It is not in these words, nor any others, in which it will be discerned.
Only in the sanctity of the awareness of your true Self
Will you find that for which you long.