05 September 2012



The reward for services rendered,
No matter for good or ill, is certain death.
Our fear-ridden, superstitious species manufactured
Deities, heavens, hells, reincarnation, every conceivable notion,
Just to cope, to endure the unavoidable, intrinsic oblivion.
Too excruciatingly real to face it being all for naught.

* * * *
Most yearn for simple, clear, engraved-in-stone messages.
Canons, laws, rules, codes, policies, procedures that they can live by.
Not easy existing in a universe interwoven by relativity.
There are no absolutes but the absolute.

* * * *
What is emancipation but a quality of mind
Free of any and all encumbrances, any and all notions.
Unfurl your essential, unconditional sovereignty
Into the stillness of untainted awareness.

* * * *
The tree of knowledge
Is a cacophony of imagination
Allowed every direction and meaning.
The indivisible totality, that which is and is not,
Is indifferent to all that is and is not.

* * * *
What can a passing wave
Know of its Self?
A swell, a whorl, a crash,
And foamy dissolution into the next.
Any given container is but a temporal instrument,
Out from which the solitary witness peers.

* * * *
Truth is not comfortable
For those not comfortable with truth.
It has a way of becoming a lie when lost in translation.

* * * *
Happiness, sorrow, anger, hate, joy, love,
Emotions of any rhyme or reason, thoughts of any caliber,
Passions of any variety, what are they to the awareness you truly are, really?