19 October 2012



When Jesus is rumored to have long ago asserted, “I am the Truth, the Life and the Way,”
What seems to have been unheard, mislaid, or perhaps edited out, was … “And so are you.”

* * * *
Time-bound inner chatter is the consequence of inattention to the eternal moment.
A mind naturally becomes still when it is absorbed in whatever is happening.
There is no method, there is no how, merely a focus akin to a laser beam.

* * * *
We are all in the ultimate reality the same pure awareness.
It is neither yours, nor mine, nor anyone else's.
It is simply consciousness playing out
Its immeasurable potential.

* * * *
To be born again into the source of all things
Is to discard everything and just be
The stillness of no-mind.
Be … still.

* * * *
Are you a body experiencing awareness?
Or awareness experiencing a body?
Or perhaps both and neither?

* * * *
You are, in this aphoristic collection,
As well as in countless other handiworks
Across this dreamy theater of time and space,
Made aware of your essential, indivisible nature.
Gifts, from its truest forms.

* * * *
All wrapped up in our little pattern, are we?
Tch, tch, well, try to just slow down, try to just unwind,
To that pointless point prior to all beginnings, and after all endings,
And you’ll muddle through for the duration.

* * * *
In all the incalculable star systems strewn across practically forever,
There may be many worlds, many dimensions, packed with life forms of every variety.
And yet, ours may be the only one with consciousness as we perceive it,
And, much to our chagrin, we will likely never know.

14 October 2012



The big lesson humankind is still hard-pressed to learn, hard-pressed to even begin to grasp,
Is that absolutely everything is connected at every level across the board.
Each and every particle working, playing, dancing together
Every simultaneous, unrehearsed moment
To create this grand dream.
That so many take it all for granted,
And deceive themselves and others in so many ways,
That we have become so absurdly disjointed, is folly beyond the pale

* * * *
Any given group, any given alliance, evolves and maintains an equilibrium
Between the needs of the individual and the needs of the group.
Imbalance either way creates a tension in the dynamic,
Remedied either by the individual's departure,
Or a change in the group's dynamic.

* * * *
How many times have you given heart and mind
To one thing or another, only to watch it all go badly?
So it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.
It is all really only the dream of god.
Some get a pleasant reverie,
Others a dark nightmare.
Discern the greatest context,
And be content, at peace, in grace,
That it was your undeserving fate to play it so.

* * * *
From the quietude of boundless slumber, awareness awakens,
And gazing into the pool of memories, stokes the dream into another day.
Dust to dust, a few breaths, a few thoughts between.
Let the vanity begin.

* * * *
It is a most curious thing how so many writers
Feel required to leave some hopeful taste in the reader’s mouth.
The reality of it is that this garden world’s prospects are growing bleaker every day.
There is absolutely no precedent for this manifest mirage as it is unfolding.
Seven billion cancer cells will be nine billion in thirty or forty years,
Assuming it has not begun tail-diving into collapse before then.
And, so sorry, there is no way our little two-legged brain
Is going to keep things rolling forever, no matter
How clever we believe ourselves to be.

13 October 2012



Knowing you are solitary witness to your version of the theater,
Discerning you are godness manifest, how will you play out your role?
Will you be angel, demon, or some spontaneous blend between?
It is your dream to do as your desire, your law, dictates.
Be it heaven or hell, or some purgatory between,
It is your creation, and your will be done.

* * * *
Every point and particle of this reverie
Is ultimately to fully perceive the singular truth
That you are the eternal upwelling, that you are That I Am.
By whatever arbitrary sound you may describe it,
That Truth … that Life … that Way …
Is the awareness you ever are,

* * * *
A very ubiquitous, mysterious reality
In which every life plays out a little dream
On a maze of stage that winds this way and that,
Until in the death of breath do they part.

* * * *
Who cares if there is but one lifetime or many?
In reality, the ultimate source, the You,
You really are, has been all.
And this existence
Is the one and only one
To which attention need be given.
It is in this moment that all futures are created.

* * * *
Wrangling over which notion of divinity reigns supreme
Is for those many who have not yet put away childish things.

* * * *
Oblivion is the end to all lies, all fabrications, all self-deceptions.
It is the vital source, the essence prior to all becoming.
It is the experiencing prior to all experience,
The intangible prior to all that is tangible,
The awareness prior to consciousness,
The actuality prior to all that is imagined,
The substantial prior to all that is insubstantial,
That which is prior to all context, prior to all manifest dreams.

11 October 2012



Why be at all concerned or bothered
About awakening smoke to its ephemeral nature?
Is it any wonder that those rare few who realize their true nature
Become very silent, very still, even in the greatest din?

* * * *
Every life form that is born of this mysterious essence
Creates and experiences its own finite universe
With the same awareness inherent in all.
We are all That which never sleeps,
Is never born, and never dies.

* * * *
The world is teeming with every sort of absurd claim.
The only real marvel is that we cannot discern
All are ultimately of the same mystery.

* * * *
You are human in form only.
A very temporary state
To which you need not feel obliged
But through the caprice of voluntary deliberation.

* * * *
Things just sort of happen.
To claim it is for a reason or not
Is to miss that all is indivisibly seamless,
And cause and effect are nothing more than illusion.

* * * *
What difference between a moment ago
And the one just before you were conceived?
All figments within the ether of an indivisible matrix.

* * * *
The body is not you; you are not the body.
You have no body, you never have, and you never will.
The mortal container is merely a fleeting means to one end or another,
A formless, indivisible infinity, without foundation,
Without beginning, without conclusion.
Awareness is the cradle
From which all things rise into being,
The coffin to which all things are one day laid to rest.