19 October 2012



When Jesus is rumored to have long ago asserted, “I am the Truth, the Life and the Way,”
What seems to have been unheard, mislaid, or perhaps edited out, was … “And so are you.”

* * * *
Time-bound inner chatter is the consequence of inattention to the eternal moment.
A mind naturally becomes still when it is absorbed in whatever is happening.
There is no method, there is no how, merely a focus akin to a laser beam.

* * * *
We are all in the ultimate reality the same pure awareness.
It is neither yours, nor mine, nor anyone else's.
It is simply consciousness playing out
Its immeasurable potential.

* * * *
To be born again into the source of all things
Is to discard everything and just be
The stillness of no-mind.
Be … still.

* * * *
Are you a body experiencing awareness?
Or awareness experiencing a body?
Or perhaps both and neither?

* * * *
You are, in this aphoristic collection,
As well as in countless other handiworks
Across this dreamy theater of time and space,
Made aware of your essential, indivisible nature.
Gifts, from its truest forms.

* * * *
All wrapped up in our little pattern, are we?
Tch, tch, well, try to just slow down, try to just unwind,
To that pointless point prior to all beginnings, and after all endings,
And you’ll muddle through for the duration.

* * * *
In all the incalculable star systems strewn across practically forever,
There may be many worlds, many dimensions, packed with life forms of every variety.
And yet, ours may be the only one with consciousness as we perceive it,
And, much to our chagrin, we will likely never know.