13 October 2012



Knowing you are solitary witness to your version of the theater,
Discerning you are godness manifest, how will you play out your role?
Will you be angel, demon, or some spontaneous blend between?
It is your dream to do as your desire, your law, dictates.
Be it heaven or hell, or some purgatory between,
It is your creation, and your will be done.

* * * *
Every point and particle of this reverie
Is ultimately to fully perceive the singular truth
That you are the eternal upwelling, that you are That I Am.
By whatever arbitrary sound you may describe it,
That Truth … that Life … that Way …
Is the awareness you ever are,

* * * *
A very ubiquitous, mysterious reality
In which every life plays out a little dream
On a maze of stage that winds this way and that,
Until in the death of breath do they part.

* * * *
Who cares if there is but one lifetime or many?
In reality, the ultimate source, the You,
You really are, has been all.
And this existence
Is the one and only one
To which attention need be given.
It is in this moment that all futures are created.

* * * *
Wrangling over which notion of divinity reigns supreme
Is for those many who have not yet put away childish things.

* * * *
Oblivion is the end to all lies, all fabrications, all self-deceptions.
It is the vital source, the essence prior to all becoming.
It is the experiencing prior to all experience,
The intangible prior to all that is tangible,
The awareness prior to consciousness,
The actuality prior to all that is imagined,
The substantial prior to all that is insubstantial,
That which is prior to all context, prior to all manifest dreams.