11 October 2012



Why be at all concerned or bothered
About awakening smoke to its ephemeral nature?
Is it any wonder that those rare few who realize their true nature
Become very silent, very still, even in the greatest din?

* * * *
Every life form that is born of this mysterious essence
Creates and experiences its own finite universe
With the same awareness inherent in all.
We are all That which never sleeps,
Is never born, and never dies.

* * * *
The world is teeming with every sort of absurd claim.
The only real marvel is that we cannot discern
All are ultimately of the same mystery.

* * * *
You are human in form only.
A very temporary state
To which you need not feel obliged
But through the caprice of voluntary deliberation.

* * * *
Things just sort of happen.
To claim it is for a reason or not
Is to miss that all is indivisibly seamless,
And cause and effect are nothing more than illusion.

* * * *
What difference between a moment ago
And the one just before you were conceived?
All figments within the ether of an indivisible matrix.

* * * *
The body is not you; you are not the body.
You have no body, you never have, and you never will.
The mortal container is merely a fleeting means to one end or another,
A formless, indivisible infinity, without foundation,
Without beginning, without conclusion.
Awareness is the cradle
From which all things rise into being,
The coffin to which all things are one day laid to rest.