06 October 2012



Any Supreme Being must surely be an amalgamation of all the greats:
Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, Superman
Harvey, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Captain Hook.
Much easier to accept any given phantasm
Than to doubt to the nth degree.

* * * *
The obvious is what more than a few need to hear.
But how can anyone ever quest the truth,
Unless they really no longer have
Any choice in the matter?

* * * *
The three vanities: power, fame, fortune,
About which the human paradigm has,
Since its rise in the jungle, revolved.

* * * *
This moment, this very moment,
Is all you really have.
Use it wisely,
For it is already gone.

* * * *
Immortal Soul, mortal body,

* * * *
So much quibbling over nothing.

* * * *
A cotton candy mirage of mind and senses.

* * * *
To gaze out into the sensory theater
And recognize nothing,
And look within and discern the same.
It is to that which all who hear the call unknowingly aspire.

* * * *
The one thing of which you can be very certain across all time, across all space.
Is that you are not at all divisible from anything in any way at any moment.
How do you know this?  Because you are the dreamer dreaming it all.
You are the seamless, singular awareness, the one and only reality.