02 October 2012



No collusion ever imagined by any group has ever possessed the truth.
All mythologies are but metaphors of every complexity
Woven into every guise, every shape.

* * * *
The mind naturally stills when it is paying attention,
Observing closely, both within and without.
The restless mind requires hope,
The still one does not.
It is hope fulfilled; that is its residence.

* * * *
Everything you think you are,
Everything you think the world is,
Is all completely imagined.

* * * *
Truth is not the Yahweh of Moses
The Allah of Muhammad,
The God of Jesus
The Tao of Lao Tzu,
The Brahman of Krishna,
Nor the Buddha of Siddhartha.
It is That which has neither name nor face.
It is the source prior to all assertions
Born of the capricious mind.

* * * *
You really do not even possess your life,
Much less all the material things
With which you have surrounded yourself.
Temporary custody is the most anything can be had.

* * * *
The limitless, irrepressible, inquiring mind
Meanders wherever, however, whenever it pleases.
It does not just ponder outside the stifling box, it dissolves it.

* * * *
Good and evil, right and wrong,
Are but the inventions of consciousness gone amok,
And in no way exist in anything but the delusions born of the human mind.