02 October 2012



So many heinous crimes against others committed,
For which no consequence is paid, no punishment is meted out.
Karma, heaven and hell, god’s judgment, or whatever else it may be dubbed,
Is the desolate despair of victims for a revenge they themselves
Have neither the power nor opportunity to exact.

* * * *
To keep on searching for something more, when all there is, is nothing,
Is like the mythical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
And the rainbow, no matter how enchanting,
Always just another mirage.

* * * *
Most cultures tend to use religion to control the masses,
Framing the big punishment as some sort of hell.
What they all really are is just mind games,
Fear traps to get you to tow the line.
Practice karmic nonchalance,
And wander freely however you will.

* * * *
How you engage in your dream
Is truly your own affair, and always has been.
What any other may think about it
Is only as important
As the weight you give it.

* * * *
How old are you if you were never born?
How young are you if you will never die?

* * * *
The gambler
Has an irrational hope
The s/he can somehow master luck;
The weak, power; the poor, wealth; the sick, health;
The hungry, famine; the disturbed, sanity;
And the foolish, wisdom.

* * * *
To fathom complete and utter freedom,
One must be very at rest in the momentary awareness.
Eternal life is not for those still seduced by the dream of manifest time.