01 October 2012



Across the cosmos, everything is nature, and everything abides in the laws of nature.
Like any flower in a meadow, consciousness is but one of nature’s countless expressions,
And no matter how relentlessly it might try, it will never supersede or escape the natural bounds.

* * * *
The monkey-mind festers in its vain intolerance of any difference it cannot abide.
The wisdom of insecurity in the indivisibility of all things
Is the abode of the rare few.

* * * *
You are not the body, the mind, the breath,
The thing, the experience, or any other.
You are the witness to all things,
None of them all the while.

* * * *
If you truly seek heaven on earth,
You must fathom it within and without
The ever-streaming here and now.

* * * *
You can't even see your nose clearly,
How could you possibly see your face?

* * * *
Who is the who, who wonders who is who?
What is the what, what wonders what is what?
Where is the where, where wonders where is where?
When is the when, when wonders when is when?
Why is the why, why wonders why is why?
How is the how, how wonders how is how?

* * * *
The universe is an absorbing dream.
Leave no stone that interests you unturned,
Until the novelty of turning of stones loses its sheen,
And you are at last content to merely be, whatever the weather.

* * * *
True science requires any given scientist, any given researcher,
To approach the question, the problem, the puzzle, the hypothesis, the experiment,
With as much objective, impartial integrity as can be mustered.
Damn the funding.  Full inquiry ahead.