09 November 2012



Do not be at all intimidated by all that has been said, done, and written.
It has all been you from the beginning of all beginnings,
And will be until the end of all endings.
And, of course,
Before and after all that, as well.

* * * *
Life is really but a simple riddle,
The answer to which is nothing more than it is as it is.
There is really no should or should not,
Nor ought or ought not to be,
About any of it.

* * * *
What more do you really need to experience
That has not been played out in spades
Times beyond counting before?

* * * *
What is heaven but hope, and hell, dread.
The nectar of awareness is prior to both.

* * * *
You see only see what you perceive.
You see only see what you know.
You see only see what you believe.
Everyone is but a frame of reference.

* * * *
What desire, what fear can there be
If you are immersed in the awareness
Of the unfolding ever-present moment?

* * * *
All dogma, all vanity, all everything,
Ripples from consciousness, not awareness.
From mind, not that which is witness to all creation.

* * * *
Time to get up, suit up,
Stoke up the will, put on the game face,
Head out the door, wander down the road less traveled,
And try not to make too much of an errant jester of yourself again today.