07 November 2012



That which we call god is the quantum essence which is never born and can never die.
But if there were a personalized supreme divinity that so many have imagined,
He, she, it – or whatever – would more than likely be bored to tears
Having to daily endure the ceaselessly predictable inanities
Of our two-legged, thumb-wagging, tool-making, monkey-mind kind,
And the ongoing devastation of what is very likely one eternity’s greatest creations.

* * * *
The is absolutely no rhyme or reason to suspect, much less believe,
There is some sort of supreme being outside your Self,
Or at least one that does not also include you.
How could any of this be happening
Without your participation
To the very core of your beingness.
Any duality is false from all beginnings to all ends.

* * * *
All of us doing whatever it is we want to do,
Well, that is the human paradigm in a nutshell.

* * * *
The set and costumes change,
But the monkey-mind stays the same.
If it is some sort of paradigm shift you pursue,
It can only manifest in your mind, and your mind alone.
Be whatever change you wish the world to be.

* * * *
In youth, life is full of vitality and learning,
But mortal reality – injury, illness, aging, death –
Gradually erode the many illusions of blissful ignorance.
Questions arise about the ever-changing light show of a universe.
And those who give it earnest and unwavering attention
Discern the awareness and its immortal nature.

* * * *
How is it anyone truly believes some sort of alien race was required to create our kind,
Or set us on some sort of long, winding, convoluted, evolutionary journey?
How is it anyone could gaze upon this astonishing garden planet
And not assume it entirely capable of being the source
Of all the innumerable life forms it sustains?
It is a curious thing that so many require the belief
In some outside intervention to explain the mystery they are.