02 November 2012



All dogmas discuss, debate, battle, over imagined facets of the same origin.
Different metaphors, different archetypes, different interpretations,
Different sounds, different principles, different speculations.
Different this … different that … different whatever.
All struggling over the same eternal source,
The same inexplicable fountainhead,
Over and over and over again.

* * * *
That you are of god is not something to be taken vainly,
But as something to be discerned at the core of your being.
The kingdom of god is the sovereignty of the indivisible source
Within all things both manifest and unmanifest.
The eternal matrix is all-inclusive,
Including even you.

* * * *
Here you are pretending this manifest existence
That is so full of vanity, so unreal all the while.
You are That I Am, nothing more, nothing less.

* * * *
There is only one awareness,
There is only one consciousness,
Splintered into an endless array of forms,
Playing out every prospect imagination deigns.
A capricious ocean of surging tides and crashing waves,
But an ocean, nonetheless.

* * * *
“Supreme Being” is being in the most
Omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent way.
It is less about some imaginary, personal divinity
Than the absoluteness of pure, unadulterated awareness.
Love is the indivisible, unconditional, impersonal indifference.

* * * *
Face it, one day, sooner or later,
The body is going to give that bucket a mighty kick.
But until then, get out there and partake whatever living you can muster,
So that you can realize, without malice or concern,
It is all really no big deal,
Just worm’s breath in the making.