14 March 2013



Who, what, where, when, why, how … does any universe come into being
But through the awareness of the observer, the beholder, the witness,
All based on structure, sensory input, capacities and limitations.
Every creature great to small resides in a universe of its own weaving.

* * * *
So easy to be caught up in dogma, especially your own.
These words are designed to unlock within you,
What is within all things great and small.
Do not make them the harbor
Of some vain drama.

* * * *
In a world full of idol-worshippers,
Who are those who seek the truth within?
Many are called, few are inclined.

* * * *
What is within? A formless sea.
What is without? A formless sea.
The mortal container is but a dream
Born of the sensory mind.
There is no other.
The formless
Is source to all.

* * * *
History has never repeated itself.
It merely recycles the same patterns.

* * * *
Ultimately, there is no evil, no dark side.
There is only twisted consciousness.
There is only the obscurity of awareness.
There is only ignorance, delusion and duality.
Evil does not truly exist in any way, shape or form,
But through the vanity-vanity-all-is-vanity of imagination.

* * * *
All vanity is absolutely insignificant to that which is prior to time.
The entire quantum universe is but an immeasurable, timeless ocean,
In which all manifest forms appear and disappear in the smelter of what is.
You are simply one witness playing out a mortal dream for but a very brief while.