20 September 2013



Do not be overly concerned that you are
Less and less inclined to what the dream offers.
The traces of obligation are perhaps the last attachment.
It is akin to a child heading home, glancing back at the sandbox,
No longer needing, no longer wanting, the sundry lessons it has imparted.

* * * *
Practically hairless monkeys everywhere.
Mountain monkeys, valley monkeys, desert monkeys,
Forest monkeys, island monkeys, river monkeys, urban monkeys.
Everywhere, practically hairless monkeys, everywhere.

* * * *
You are (insert your name here),
You have always been (insert your name here),
You will always be (insert your name here).
How interminably absurd is that, really?

* * * *
So many distractions, so little time.

* * * *
Why would anyone walk on water?
Much more enjoyable to swim in it.

* * * *
To all who truly, earnestly doubt,
It is you, you truly pursue
In that awareness so singular,
Where all trails end, at the end of you.

* * * *
The most sincere answer
To inquiries about your date of birth
Is that you are really not sure you were ever born.

* * * *
Personality is reaction to the sensory play.
It is the response of the mind-body to its environment.
The disharmony of duality dissolves as concern for mortality dissolves.
Attention shifts from the travails of imagination to the awareness prior to consciousness.
From desire, fear, anger, sorrow, separation in any of it many forms,
To the indivisible serenity of the eternal witness.