15 September 2013



Suicide is only inexplicable to those who do not quite grasp
Not everyone wants to exist, not everyone wants to play the human game.
Not everyone want to experience the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows of consciousness.
Not everyone wants to engage in monkey see, monkey do.
Not everyone fears oblivion.

* * * *
Residing within each and every living thing from the greatest to the smallest,
Is the same quantum upwelling, the same quantum intelligence.
To imagine otherwise is but egocentric ignorance.
To respect all is the highest order.

* * * *
The many filters of knowledge are ever an alluring draw.
To reclaim the untarnished, untainted sovereignty
You naturally every moment had as a child
Is likely not possible for any but the very rare.

* * * *
Declaring independence and being independent
Are indeed two very different qualities of mind.

* * * *
God, if there is such a inexplicable divinity,
Likely is not dead as much as just bored to tears,
And too god-damned immortal to end it all.

* * * *
It is only vanity that is chock-full of discontent,
Only vanity that yearns for it to be more than it is.

* * * *
Imagine knowing what every other
You have ever encountered really thought of you.
What a mad helter-skelter of everything-under-the-sun perception
That angel-to-demon vision would more than likely be.

* * * *
When it is a child incoherently believing in Santa Claus, it is nod-wink amusing.
Too many years later it turns into a shake-the-head joke.
Extrapolate that a bit,
And you have most of the world included,
With all the idolatry that is babbling around in so many heads.