20 September 2013



Live for what neighbors think.
Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's.
Tithe that which priesthoods ever command.
Quibble over what was never anyone's to dominate.
Purchase and consume until day is done past night begun.
Fight ceaseless squabbles the wealthy require the have-nots support.
Fulfill every obligation the given mind-body’s mythological concoction requires.
How wonderful, how glorious, how exultant, the absurd dreams
Human kind, with incomprehensible conviction,
Has choicelessly chosen to play out.

* * * *
History is chock-full of potholes and pitfalls,
Into which those who follow in time
Only occasionally sidestep
For the very briefest of whiles.

* * * *
Ideas come and go
As the play of consciousness
Sustains an interest in their meaning.

* * * *
To really, really, really not care,
What would that be like, anyway?

* * * *
Along with the wanna-be’s, there are
Never-be’s, ever-be’s, may-be’s, will-be’s,
Are-be’s, must-be’s, should-be’s, ought-to-be’s,
And, naturally, the to-be’s or not-to-be’s.

* * * *
So many are crushed and twisted by their lives,
While others traverse unscathed by even the most bitter fates.
Who can more than speculate why or why not?

* * * *
It is not some imagined god or great fiend
Who can be blamed for the hells of human concoction.
It is self-absorption that is the driving force of the entire human condition.
It is pride that has manifested the innumerable horrors
We have all together contrived.