15 September 2013



The universe created by the senses
Will draw you again and again into the grand illusion.
For the unsteady mind still mesmerized by the pitter-patter of time and space,
The waking-sleeping-waking of it is ever a Sisyphean challenge.
It requires great discipline to resist the dream,
And be the momentary awareness
Prior to consciousness.

* * * *
What is called evil is merely consciousness
Twisted by the elements into one harsh mindset or another.
Some hold to the inherent innocence,
And some do not.

* * * *
Leaders cannot lead those who will not follow,
And followers should be more than cautious
About following those who yearn to lead.

* * * *
What petty gods these mortals weave.

* * * *
Doubt until there is nothing left to doubt.

* * * *
Interesting how uniquely every mind
Moves in its play of manifest consciousness.
Why anyone would even remotely believe any other
Could ever perceive anything at all the same
Is an absurdity well beyond measure.

* * * *
It is a harsh, even cruel truth, that the little folk,
Who have no real say in anything, are so often forced to suffer,
While those who are truly responsible remain unknown, untouchable, unconcerned.
It is the way it has always been in this abrasive, absurd little theater,
And the way it is will not likely be changing anytime soon.
Even those who survive the inevitable Great Fall,
Will probably re-fashion this scarred world
In the same petty win-lose paradigm
To which our two-legged genre
Has from its puddle origin subscribed.