13 September 2013



Nature is within and without everything, everywhere, including you.
It permeates garbage pits, cesspools and compost mounds
As equally as oceans, rivers, valleys, mountains, forests and deserts.
It is the ceaseless play of the indivisible elements wherever, whenever, however.
If you do not care for your manifest reality, it is you, not it, who must yield to a larger vision.

* * * *
The first and last breath of all time and space is within each and every one of us,
A fluid infinity of swirling elements, an immeasurable quantum mystery,
Effortlessly flowing through all beginning, through all endings,
From seed to seed, form to form, through all creation.

* * * *
The occupied, inattentive mind is always willing
To waylay the stillness of awareness
With its windy this or that.
Being in the moment
Is not for the meek of spirit.

* * * *
Where is the center of the universe, if not you?
At least in your imaginary translation, anyway.

* * * *
How deep is deep?  How shallow, shallow?
How wide is wide?  How narrow, narrow?
How infinite is infinite? How finite, finite?
The definitions inspired by any eye, any mind,
Are but endless, capricious spins of me, myself and I.

* * * *
When you yearn for more than is freely offered,
When the daily bread no longer quells your hunger,
Some deity does not have to kick you out of the garden,
Foolish arrogance merely blinds you into no longer seeing it.
You can only discern reality as clearly as you can detach from it.
Nothing is new under the sun without eyes that freshly see.

* * * *
The smidgen of free will that abides within intelligent minds
Allows those who would awaken to put behind them
All superstition, all tradition, all prejudice, all desire, all dread,
And comprehend to their innate capacity the nature of the unmanifest within.