24 September 2013



Born into this inexplicable, exquisite, beguiling garden world,
And all the temptations it so nonchalantly offers all who lack the restraint of self-discipline:
Pride … covetousness … lust … anger … gluttony … envy … sloth …
And the hedonism, narcissism, greed and divisiveness
Harbored within all who succumb.

* * * *
What bother to even for a moment care what others think of you.

* * * *
What does everyone do every morning they awaken,
But re-fabricate their imaginary narrative,
Suit up in the appropriate costume,
And walk out into their day.

* * * *
The sanctions of gods and tyrants, of any other,
Is meaningless to those sovereign within.

* * * *
Best to keep your wackiness to yourself
Unless you enjoy the stares of strangers
And the attention of the powers that be.

* * * *
Martyrdom, is there any greater vanity?

* * * *
So many things you might have parried
Had it somehow come to mind at the time.

* * * *
From the beginning of time’s invention,
Deities have been concocted in every geography
To moderate the mind’s dread of its inherent emptiness.
Humankind has distracted itself with every imaginable diversion,
And still the abyss of oblivion yawns forever eternal.

* * * *
Across all time and space, you have been called by many names, many sounds,
None any more true, any more real, any more meaningful, than any other,
And yet what monumental wars of mind and body have been fought
Over the exalted concepts to which consciousness is so vainly attached.