21 September 2013



We are all the same indivisible, seamless, quantum matrix.
Synergistically creating and preserving and destroying it all together.
The source, the wellspring, and all the countless dreamers, are one in the same.

* * * *
Into an orifice, through a snaking alimentary canal, and out an anus.
What a boggling universe, that it can transmute food into shit, and shit into food,
Over and over and over again in so many countlessly perpetual ways.

* * * *
What else can it possibly be serenely peering out those eyes,
But the one and only you permeating the universe,
And the great whatever indivisibly beyond.

* * * *
A world that took billions of years to create,
And our kind has in such a brief time, with such ferocity,
Extinguished so much of its natural majesty,
Scarred so much of its face.
Could any cancer have destroyed
So much, so quickly, with so little regret?

* * * *
A gold mine requires a miner.
A garden requires a gardener.
One thieves, the other nurtures.

* * * *
The truth of it is so much more
Than just another fruitless concept
Born of the stagnation of consciousness.

* * * *
Every assumption of dogma,
Every form of idolatry,
Every concoction of superstition,
Have their roots in the quicksand of imagination.

* * * *
Of course the god that is imagined does not exist.
How could that which is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent,
That which is infinitely, timelessly, indivisibly flawless,
Ever partake anything as more than witness?