20 September 2013



This plain and simple reality at the core of all things requires no following, no imitation.
It is simply looking closely within and discerning the awareness
You truly are, have ever been, will ever be.

* * * *
It can be exceedingly tempting
To use some substance, perhaps many,
To placate, to overcome, the suffering born of mind.
To use drugs as a tool of inquiry has legitimate purpose for some,
But unbridled abuse is a red flag that there is a precipice
Around a corner in some not too distant future.

* * * *
What a recording you each and every day are.
As predictably unpredictable as you might pretend,
You are nothing more than just another loop,
Another pattern within all the patterning
In this fleeting play of consciousness.

* * * *
The mind is the theater of its own duration.

* * * *
What an absurd, even inane game it all is,
Yet how seriously we all together play it.

* * * *
Optimism is blind, pessimism torturous.

* * * *
Cannot crack a nut that will not be cracked.

* * * *
Of course it is just arbitrary opinion, what is not?

* * * *
Be forewarned:
There will be vampires.
Best never ever without question
Carelessly trust any individual or any group
That will in any way benefit from your involvement
In any given endeavor, any given scheme, any given intrigue.
It is a sorry truth, but one well-documented in the annuls of our kind.