22 September 2013



How free any given newborn.
Pure awareness untouched, untrammeled,
By all the past events or future concerns, all the burdens,
All the baggage they will one day inevitably carry in dreamtime’s passing.

* * * *
For those fully imbibing the stillness before time, there is a return to wonder.
From the source within, from oblivion's rainbow, the song of godness.

* * * *
To wander alone, anonymous, in a crowd of strangers,
No need for the politics of recognition.
Eternal witness,
As serene as a placid stream.

* * * *
It has always been a modern world.
All history is the make-believe
Of minds bound in time.

* * * *
Be total awareness.
The only way out is within,

* * * *
Nothing dreaming everything.

* * * *
A temporary guise, an ephemeral story,
That you are not, never were, will never be.

* * * *
Unrelenting and wretched absurdity
Each and every moment across the board.
If there were some sort of supreme being out there,
Would it really be any wonder that it long ago abandoned us
To our own implacably irrational design.

* * * *
Why would any supreme being ever need to waste time judging you,
Or instigate any more anxiety than you do upon your Self
And all the others you do so earnestly condemn
On a daily basis to one hell or another.